Creating the perfect event can take months. The menu is done, the entertainment program is set perfectly, and everything seems like it will go smoothly, but when it comes the time for the tickets to sell, things start to go downhill. And you ask yourself, why? Where did I go wrong? Well, we may have the answer to those questions. Here are 10 reasons why your event is failing:

1. Not having partners

Partnering up with big name brands is also a big plus. Big brands already have a large number of followers and can bring you part of their fan base.

2. Having to login and creating account

Do not complicate things! Making your targeted audience to create accounts before purchasing will surely drive them away. As a matter of fact, one in four online buyers won’t complete a purchase that requires them to make an account, and one in ten buyers drops off for every extra field in the purchase form.

3. Waiting last minute to book a venue

Most venues are booked 3-6 months in advance. Some are booked even a whole year prior the event. So, get busy and don’t wait until the last minute to book a good venue, because chances are, you aren’t gonna find it.
Moreover, booking a venue with an already established reputation is of great advantage.

4. Being passive on social media

Social media is your best weapon. But, using it once a week, or promoting on the wrong platform, chances are your event will fail to sell out.

5. Relying on organic Facebook reach

We all know the power of Facebook. However, with 2 billion active users, it’s hard to know whether your event is reaching the target audience.
Retargeting also plays an important role. Retargeting the audience which is already interested in your event boosts your chances of selling the tickets by 70%!

6. Spamming with your event

Do not spam your target guest with invitations!
The survey feedback will inform you what your attendees expect from the event, and what they do or do not like. Plus, website traffic data, conversion rates and content engagement will help you adjust your promotional tactics and the right audience will be targeted.

7. Creating a website without having a mobile version

Never forget to create a mobile-friendly website. According to comScore, mobile-only users surpassed desktop users in March of 2015.

8. You only send a ticket launch email

Since we’re not living in an ideal world, initial launch email won’t do you much. You must generate the content of your event repeatedly. Creating blog posts and sending them through weekly newsletters is an excellent way to target your audience.

9. Relying on people to come without targeting an audience

Sell your tickets where the target audience already spends time online!
Promote your event on sites where the audience relies to make plans. This will allow you to engage with potential buyers on their favorite sites and apps.

10. Contacting the press the last minute

As we mentioned above, doing things at the last minute is a huge mistake. And having a comprehensive PR strategy is a must.
If you lack a right approach, your event won’t get any press coverage.