The reality is that sometimes everything is alright and sometimes you must go through tough situations. Every successful event planner must know how to handle different situations. There are many observations on how to be a great event planner. So, in this post, we show you the truths of being an event planner.

1. No work hours

When you work as an event planner, there are no working hours. This job involves long hours and you need to be prepared to work as you ensure that everything is in right way. Moreover, there is no time to relax before you check every detail that is according to the plan. Also, working weekends sometimes are necessary. If you want to have a social life and to be an event planner, don’t forget that you must be a multitasking person.

2. Control freak

As you work an event planner you will become a control freak. However, this is very important in this job if you want to become successful. You must pay attention to every detail and manage how to handle the tasks that are not done. Also, you need to work with your team and not allow burn yourself out with stress.

3. You need all kind of skills

In this job, you need so many skills to do everything in the best way. First of all, you will need communication skills to manage everyone from logistics, vendors, and clients. Second, you will negotiation skills to do handle all permits and documents. You need to be detailed oriented because the majority of the time you will spend coordinating and planning. Also, you need to be positive and supportive so your team can work in a good atmosphere.

4. Always an event planner

When you go to other events you will forget that you are not the host. You will start to think about the organization and what you need to do. That’s the problem with the event planners, once you start to work this job it will be in your blood forever.

These are truths about working as an event planner. It may be harsh and stressful, but this job is full of joy and amazing experience. In the end, this profession gives you an opportunity to grow and to meet so many people. So, if you love your job you will be successful.