Online meeting is the new way for everyday communication and coordination between teams in their workplaces. Today, companies all around the world are enveloping a remote working environment. Online meetings are an integral part of the daily schedule. In the corporate world, it’s very important for this online meeting to be effective and not to eat too much time. Also, for this type of meeting, you must have rules of discussion and communications. The tips below will help you avoid all the mistakes while organizing an online meeting.

1.Create a clear agendaagenda

Before your online meeting, always create a clear and strict agenda. This agenda will give all participants the key issues about the meeting. Also, this agenda will be guided through all meetings. Send the agenda one day before the online meeting, so everyone can have time to prepare and know their role. Having a clear agenda will define the focus of the meeting and will help to concentrate on the important points of the discussion.

2.Share the rules and speaking time limits

When you start with the online meeting the first step is to share the communication rules and time limits for speaking. It’s very important to avoid multiple people to start speaking at the same time. Also, it’s important to set clear rules and stick to the agenda. When people will know to start their speaking limit, they will be prepared and plan their speech.

3.Minimize distractions

Another key element for a successful online meeting is to find a way to minimize distractions. Distractions can cause defocusing and disorganize all meeting plan. Prepare your participants to use headphones and to ensure clear communication through their mic.

4.Share on screen all vital information

Share all vital information on the screen that will help your participants to remember. Before the meeting, define what is important and what they will need to focus on. For example, share on-screen all the dates, plans, goals that need to be realized in the next period. Also, not forget to ask your participants to share if they think something is important, but it’s not on the screen. Working together and sharing thoughts, it’s helping to be more productive.

5.Take notesonline meeting

Throughout the meeting, keep in mind to listen carefully to all the participants and take notes on what they are speaking. Also, you can use online mind maps. This concept can allow everyone to add notes about the ideas that have. Furthermore, online mind maps keep everybody engaged and give the possibility for everybody to be involved in the discussion.

6.Make conclusion

In the end, make a conclusion of all notes and define the action items. Share all the notes from the online meeting and put the focus on the important points. Identify the action items and assigned them to the individuals. When you share your conclusion be short and clear. Keep in mind to thank everyone for their participation in your online meeting.

Planning is all you need if you want to have a successful online meeting. By using and implementing these 6 productive tips you are prepared to organize a productive online meeting. Through all online meetings communicate with your team and try to engage all of them.