What to do after event when everything is finally over? Like an event planner, your job is not done once the event is over. You must keep working after the event because you need to evaluate what was worked and summarized all feed backs. In this article, we give you some of the things that you should keep in mind after your event.

1.Share photos

Share all the photos and videos as soon as possible. People love to view photos where they are and share them. So, if you give them the photos on time they will share. Keep in mind to post photos of every special moment. Moreover, photos can show an idea of the event and present a good atmosphere there. Don’t forget to choose photos and share them with your attendees.

2.Have a team meeting

Having a team meeting is a good way to have a better vision of the event. Everyone can share their experiences, lessons, and mistakes. Also, this can help to summarize all the findings and best practices. Further, at this point, you can solve all the problems inside the team and improve the team spirit. At least keep in mind sharing is caring.

3.Summarize attendees opinion

The opinion of attendees is very important. The feedback is the best sign if the event went well. But, it’s essential to take their opinion during the event or right after the event, so you can have the right impressions. After you have attendee’s opinion you should summarize them. Post-event surveys can help you to see the bigger picture and to conclude the results achieved during event.

4.Analyse your goals

After event, you should analyse if you achieve your goals or not. Also, this is the right time to conclude and make a list of things for future events. Furthermore, you should analyse the data, which will help you to quantify event’s impact. Review all the information and organize the notes that will show you all essential and relevant points.

5.Find out people on social media

Find out your attendees on social media, share with them photos and impressions of your event. When you have their contacts on your database in the future you can share with them other information. So, don’t forget to get their contact information and add them to your social media. This is the best way to keep attendees engaged and continue to build a relationship with them.

6.Thank everyone

Thank everyone, from your attendees to your teammates. All of them help you to make a great event. For example, you can say thank you for sending some interesting emails. With this, you will build a good relationship. The standard time frame to send this email is between 24 and 48 hours after the event.