You are organizing a fundraising event and you want as many people to know about it. If you don’t promote your event, how will you receive donations and get people to come to your event? Fundraising events can seem scary, so you must have an effective marketing plan.

We will walk through all important steps in marketing plan of fundraising.

Email marketing

Email marketing contains several steps and doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Also, emails are free or low-costs to send. Firstly, start with your list. There are lots of ways to find people, like create a signup form on your website or drive signups through social media. Then, you add an email service provider and keep the email campaign all week. Your message has to be convincing and easy sharing. Remember, that your emails help connect people with donations page and link them to your event registration. 

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Sharing options on social media is always a good idea for promoting events. The secret to create a winning social media strategy is to establish your goals.

Create Facebook Event and unique hashtag on Twiter, so they will give all important information about your event. Further, you can make some Instagram stories and share photos that will leave an impression on the audience. Also you should share some interesting ideas, which are promoting your cause and goals. When you are using social media, is very important to remind your followers that you need their support.

Online Fundraising Participation

If some can’t come on time on your event and still want to contribute or you want to encourage event guests to stay engaged during the event, you must give them options to get involved in your online activities. Online fundraising participation is one of the most effective ways of modern events.

A text-to-donate is one of the options which provide your attendees to contribute and make mobile donations. After the event, make sure you launch a checkout online charity campaign, which contains follow-up emails and social media postings.  

Press releases

Find some local media and influencers, and present your ideas and goals. Adding your fundraising event on some local media calendars and promoting by some influencers can target a lot of audiences. This concept of promoting is very effective because they influence directly on the audience and give them motivation to participate.