Event data has a key role while you are organizing your event. Everyone talks and loves event data, but only a few know how right to collect and use. Maybe, you are asking yourself ’’Why should I collect data and why is it important to my event?” Firstly, the right data can show you some challenges that you should change. Also, the right data gives you indicators that will help you to make a better decision. In this article, we will tell you how to collect the right data for your event. This article will help you to reach your goals and avoid unpleasant situations.

Registration system

A good registration system can let you see the big picture of your registration rate. For example, if you see a low number in your registration system that will imply that you need to change your marketing strategy. Also, you can collect the main information about your attendees which will help you to contact them for another event. Having a registration system with a detail information system about your guests is one of the crucial data that you need.

Event management software

Event management software is a centralized system that tracks and reports on important information, such as payments, registration, ticket sales, etc. More like event management software is an event planner’s best friend. You should choose the best event management software that will capture data that is important to better understand your attendees. If you have this type of software all data and communications will be in one convenient place.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps can easily all data that you can use from marketing to organizing all parts of your event. Having a mobile app gives you the opportunity to evaluate by calculating how many times your attendees use it. With this, you can follow the interaction via mobile app. Also, mobile apps help in collecting information by facilitating data through audience engagement activities. So, remember for every event organizer it’s very important to invest in the event mobile app.

Web analytics

Having knowledge of understanding the user flow on your website is very important. This will help you to see the potential problems and solve them. Another way is by using Google Analytics. Google Analytics can show you insights about your visitor engagement and how good your marketing is.

Networking Platform

One of the best investments that you can do as an event planner is having a networking platform. This platform can be a part of your event app. Using the data from the networking platform can show you how much ,,networking,, has been done and what is the most interesting for your attendees. Also, with this data, you can understand if you’ve done a good job or not with your marketing.