Last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic the world of the event has been dramatically changed. What does the event industry hold for in 2021? What news can we expect? This year, event planners have a task to find a new creative way how to host the most engaging online event. In 2021, especially in the first part of this year, virtual events will have the main part in the event world. Let’s look at some tips to raise your game while organizing and planning an event in 2021.

Level up Technical Skills

Digital transformation carries many changes in hosting virtual events. It’s important to lean into new tech demands. Also, you must decide to level up your and your team’s technical skills. Although, you need to learn and explore new tools to apply for common practices. After learning, you must implement what you learn. Before implementing and making some changes, consult your IT sector.

Use Data

Event data is valuable. There are so many benefits to plan your event based on useful data. Data can help while planning your event and also to market your next event.  In 2021, data will help you to increase your ticket sales and achieve your event objectives. You need to know that when we talk about the data, the change is constant. This means that the requirements and reporting will keep changing.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the perfect bridge before the online and live world. They are easy to host and have so many benefits. The essential ingredient in this type of event is engagement. Although, you need to know how to facilitate the participation between a live and virtual audience. In 2021, this type of event will be the most common. So, as an event planner, you need to find a way to put your live and online audience on the same level.

Smaller events and Health screening areas

If you need to organize a live event, be sure that will be a smaller and more personalized event. Plan more breakout options and encourage distancing in sessions. Also, this means that room layouts must change. However, you must track and mark everything as a clear reminder of social distancing. Another important task is to organize health screen areas. These areas need to contain hand sanitizer and a machine for extra masks if someone forgets to bring one.

Consider time factors

Every good event planner needs to know how to engage and entertain their audience. In fact, it’s a very different level of effort to entertain the attendees in two days live event and in 45 minutes virtual event. So, the virtual experience needs to organize the time table very well. Also, it’s important to organize every detail and everything to go on time, meanwhile is essential to make the audience feel included, interested and engaged.

In 2021 virtual events will be a leading part of the event world. So, don’t be shy to embrace your creativity in virtual events. Learn from every event and collect the data. This will help you when you organize your next event to be more and more successful.