Having a lot of traffic on your website and people engaging on it doesn’t always mean that you will sell out. Sometimes, you may face a  situation where even though everything points to the fact that your event will be booming, the ticket sale is very low. This can be very confusing, so if you ever come across such situation, here are three tips on how you can boost your ticket sale.


Closing The Purchasing Gap

Getting more traffic to your website should be number 2 on the list of your worries. Focus on sales funnel and conversion rate instead. These should be your number 1 priority! Once you set your priorities straight, things will start to look brighter.

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Don’t set barriers between your buyers and your tickets. Keep things simple!

Do not overflow your website with billions of steps for purchasing and registrations. This will most likely drive your potential buyers away, because, honestly, “ain’t nobody got time for that”. We live in a busy world and we need things done simple! All those extra steps are nothing but barriers, and who wants that?


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Don’t leave your ticket sales to chance

Keep track and pay close attention to the traffic of your website. When you divide  the number of ticket purchasers by the number of page visitors, you will get your ticket conversation rate. Should this rate be  low, you must find the reason behind the sales drop. Once you figure it out, look for options and alternatives that will gradually up the numbers by making it easier for your website visitors to buy the tickets.