One of the hardest tasks for event planners is to keep virtual attendees engaged during their event. Today more and more event planners are providing ways to participate in their online events. As an event planner, you must learn some tricks when it comes to virtual attendance. Moreover, understanding the best practices and engagement strategies can help you to improve virtual attendee engagement.  So, here are some original and creative ways how to improve attendees engagement at your event.

Ask often for feedback

Everyone wants to feel included during the virtual events. Give and ask your attendees ways often to give their feedback. Engaging with your audience allows them to feel like a part of giving their opinion. Using feedback can help you to manage the information flow. So, the more attendees have an option to engage and interact, the more value they will find in your event. 

Create great content

Create great content and share it with your attendees. Make sure that they will receive your content on time. Beside the fact of how big is your event, your attendees more or less come with the same expectation. The best events start with  memorable content. Also, ensure that your event speakers are relevant and compelling with your content.


Contests are a creative way to get your attendees to interact and contribute to your event. When you add a bit of competition to an event session, be sure that you will engage and entertain your audience. Create some interesting contests and don’t forget to award the winner with a prize. In this way, you will add some fun and excitement. Also, giving a break with some interesting contests will bring back to positive energy to your attendees.

Use Live polls

Live polls give your event and presenters provide a pause moment while getting important feedback directly from your virtual attendees. The results from the live polls give you a big picture to see who’s engaging. Also, these results show you the mood of your audience. Create some interesting questions to get the real attendees’ opinions on a topic and keep it fun.

Hopefully, you will find these tricks useful. These ways will help you to engage your audience during event sessions and make a great experience. Be creative and allow to have fun with your audience. To work you put through engaging your attendees, will leave discussion after the event – that’s an event planner success!