A virtual event is a multi-session online event that has a similar look like a physical event. Like every event, the promotion of your virtual event is a key part of planning. Moreover, promotion can have a direct impact on how great your virtual event is going to be. So, you will need properly to promote your event. Not to start promoting too early or too close to the event and to miss your attendees. Here are some ways how to properly promote your virtual event.

Creative event tickets sales

Promote your event by making creative event tickets. Get some cool design with an interesting quote that will explain your idea. Also, they will attract your attendees to see them and search for some more information about your event. You can promote through smart ticketing, for example, discounted group tickets or ‘’early bird’’ pricing. These ways are a great opportunity for promotion and advertising your event for free.

Activate your audience

It’s very important when some of your attendees buy a ticket to activate them to share your virtual event. So, encourage them to promote your virtual event and motivate them to share and use your hashtag. Also, make easy to share the main information about your virtual event. You can activate your audience and motivate to promote your event by giving them some extra vouchers or create a contest.

Social media ads

If you have enough budget for promotion, you can use social media ads which are a perfect way of promotion. There are so many platforms that you can use for promotion through social media ads. In our opinion, it’s best to start with the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Moreover, the benefits through social media ads include growing your sales, better targeting your attendees and promoting your idea.


Invite some influencers to share and promote your event on their social media channels. Give them the main information about your event and tell them what is important to promote. Today, influencer marketing is one of the most used ways of promoting. But, don’t forget to find an influencer who can target your audience. Also, this influencer should post relevant subjects like yours before.

Virtual events are a very effective way to build your business and find new clients. When you are promoting your virtual event you need to promote properly like a real-life event. You must stay organized, creative and follow all-new digital trends. So, focus on your work and find the best way to promote your virtual event!