Event marketing and promotion play a crucial role in planning events. First of all, you must identify your audience, so you can make the best choice of promoting your event. We give you some striking ideas for promotion, so you can use in your next event and reach the right audience.


Create noticeable Facebook and Instagram stories

Watching some quick video or posts with an eye-catching quote about your event, will keep the audience attention. Create something noticeable and interesting, so you can promote your event in the best way.space gray iPhone 6 with Facebook log-in display near Social Media scrabble tiles

Contact micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are important leaders on social media, so they are the right persons to promote your event.  Definitely, first you must discover the perfect match for your event, then micro-influencers can start a crucial role in promotion.

Use Hashtags

Focus on creating some short, but effective and branded hashtags. Make sure the hashtags describe and advertise your event. These hashtags will ensure all your social media promotion in one and help your audience  find all the information in one place.

Twitter Promotion

In the digital world, Twitter also plays a key role in the promotion. Additionally, you can use Twitter Promote Mode that automates marketing and is an always-on advertising solution.

Design video ads

Design short, but well-produced video that gives the main information about the event. Besides, promote your goals and motivate the audience to visit your event. The video is a very effective and powerful way to advertise.