When we are talking about tech trends in event industry, we should know that with so much tech out there, it’s hard to know what’s most important and what will stick around. Tech Trends  in the event industry are changing every year for the better!  Meanwhile, like every year event technology will help from budgeting to registration. So, here are some of our predictions for tech trends for your event in 2020:

Data analytics

Using data analytics this year will be on top of the list for planning events. Big data is the future of technology, it should help you to reduce risk and solve event problems. In organizing, data can help to be proactive in decision-making process and to meet the needs, interests, and likes of your attendees. This year don’t forget to use data analytics, like one of tech trends, if you want your event to success.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are tools that you can use for branding, promoting, engagement and more. They always add a significance factor. For example, if you are creating location- based on AR, your attendees can be able to use their smartphones for directions and info. You can use VR because is  very fun and attendees find it very exciting.

Event Apps

Event Apps are very important for every event. Today, you can make an app to looks like it was created for your event. Also, apps give much information for your event, like location, transportation, registration, and schedule. This year the event key and one of the most popular tech trend, will be having app that is organized and branded to your company.

Automated check in

Meanwhile, an automated check is very helpful for reducing wait times. Using facial recognition technology is great for attendee management and engagement.  You can forget the pen and paper and pick some event app for registration. Using some automated options will help you to optimize your event check-in processes. 


First of all, if you decide to use drones in your event keep in mind to check out the regulations because drones can’t be used everywhere.  Drones help you to provide panoramic views and can get much closer to every detail. In your event, you can be creative when you are using drones. For example, you can use drones to entertain your attendees by delivering drinks or advertising your event with customized flying billboard.