Event planners must know that their carrier includes a lot of questions that are asked over and over again. Some questions may be interesting, informative and some may be insulting. But, you must know how to answer is correct. Sometimes it’s all in question. It’s important for you, like an event planner to find the right and smart answer for them. In this article, we will show you the 4 questions people always ask event planners.

1.What event software and tools are you using and why are you using them?

If someone wants to hire you, they will want to know what event software, tools, and tech you use. Today, event software plays a big part in the event. You must find the best way to present programs and tools that are you using.  Also, if you can show them how software work and how tools are helpful for the event. For this question you must know all the information, so you can give a convincing and true answer.

2. Do you follow event industry trends and news?

As an event planner, it’s important to follow all the trends and news in the event industry. Why someone will want to hire you if you don’t know the new trends. At this point, you must be ready to give all the information about the new trends connected with the venue, bands, catering services, tech, etc. Although, you can explain how can you fit your way of working with the trends in the event industry.

3. What strategies do you use for event promotion?

Everyone is interested in promotion. Promotion is the best way to make the event successful. So, this question is the most frequents question that is asked. When you are presenting your strategies about how do you promote your event be sure that they are by the new trends. It’s important to use social media and to be extra creative. Identify the goals and then present all the marketing tactics that you can use. Also, don’t forget to present some of your successful previous experiences of promoting.

4. How do you manage the event budget?

One of the most important key elements of planning an event is the budget. If someone wants to hire you they will expect from you to how to plan and negotiate a budget with third parties. So, keep in mind to be very concise and precise when you answer how you manage the event budget. When it’s up to money, no one wants to hire someone that has no experience with dealing with the budget. Also, you must explain what will you do to save money, for example negotiating with vendors or finding cheaper essentials.