Even is still winter and it can be hard to think about having an outdoor event, now is a real-time to start planning! Outdoor events have so many different challenges and logistical tasks. Moreover, you should think about every little aspect and make scenarios for every situation. We are giving you some tips and tricks on how to organize an outdoor event and how to set your stress on a minimum!

Think about the weather

When we are talking about outdoor events, the first aspect that we are concern about is the weather. Also, this is the most basic reason, why most outdoor events are canceled. So, make a plan for the possibility of severe weather. Further, keep in touch with the website which provides weather forecast. In case of rain or wind, plan where should go equipment and food. Further, always have a backup plan. If you don’t have an option like an indoor space, plan to have enough umbrellas and tents.

Set your equipment

Planning outdoor events get things more complicated when we are talking about the equipment. You must ensure that your venue has power generator and consider that your power source is safe. Set your equipment on the safely undercover place, because power source must be weatherproof. Also, mark all the cables with hazard tapes.

Inform your quests

It’s very important to inform and prepare your guests about your conditions on social media or with an email. Before the event, check the weather and inform your attendees what type of weather to expect. Also, give them some advice on how should they dress and what they should bring with them. Make prepare your team to be around the guests in any situation when they need something.

Consider your menu

When you plan your meal think about the weather. It’s very important to have water stations all around the event. Think carefully about the type of food and the placement. Don’t serve something hard to eat and complicated to bring. If you have enough budget you should hire catering staff that will help with all around.

Keep event place clean

In the event, it’s very important to think about the cleanliness. Make sure that around place have enough restrooms and bins. Also, provide additional staff to clean during the event. Further, you should inform your attendees about recycling and the environment. Keep in mind, today is very important to make your event eco-friendly. So, don’t use plastic and provide some original eco methods during your event.

Having an outdoor event is a challenge. Think through all scenarios that can cause you to cancel your event and how you should prevent it. Keep in touch with our advice and you will be prepared to organize the best outdoor event!