New Year is here, so it’s time to talk about the 2020 event trends. You might be asking yourself where is the event industry going and what will bring you success? We have some predictions! So, let’s focus on top 5 event trends for 2020.

1.Active, before passive events

Passive lectures and speeches are out; active engagement of participants is in. By including your attendees in activities, they are more likely to share photos and posts on social media which increases brand awareness. If you want your event to stand out, you need to incorporate some interactive elements.

2.Using apps is very important!

Event apps are becoming the main key in giving information about your event.  They offer positive experiences to participants and data to sponsors of big events. Although, event apps make everything digital, eliminating things like paper agendas. Also, they make events more organized, because they help with agendas, engagement, accelerate the check-in process and answer simple questions. So, we can say that apps moving from tactical to strategic technologies.

3.Virtual events and live streaming

In today’s hyper-connected world, you don’t always need a physical location to host a successful event. Virtual summits and live streaming options give remote attendees opportunity to be part of events. They find live videos appealing because live streams give them access to content they might not otherwise have.  Also, virtual events are easy to organize and much cheaper to put on.

4.Eco-friendly practices

As a starting point, creating sustainable events is key to being a responsible event planner. You need to look for a few high-impact changes that you can make at your 2020 event, like establishing ways to go green and learn about how we can do our part to impact the environment. By incorporating eco-friendly elements into your event, you will be embracing the future by promoting a socially responsible outlook.

5.Non-traditional event location

In 2020, events are going to change their location in a very specific way. Generic venues don’t inspire a sense of excitement, interest or engagement.  So, we can expect to see much more unusual venues, like outdoor spaces and museums, are all becoming highly sought after spaces for conferences events.