This year virtual training, teaching, and learning in an online environment happens often and presents new challenges to instructors and learners. Virtual training has so many advantages, yet also comes with many challenges. Indeed preparing for a virtual audience is different than planning for in person. In virtual training one of the most important things is to ensure that attendees are listening to you. Also, you must guarantee that the attendees are enjoying and learning from your virtual training. Of course, if you are planning this type of training is very important to implement the best practices. In this article, we’ll reveal a few helpful tips on how to deliver effective virtual training.

Use Tech Gadgets

Technical issues add extra stress to trainers. In this digital era, it is crucial to have and use tech gadgets that are going to help you through your virtual training. These tech gadgets will help you to impress your audience and make you more dynamic. For example, you need to have a high-quality headset to avoid audio problems. Also, use an external monitor that will help you to have a big picture of how virtual training is in virtual training

Find professional and energetic Facilitators

When you are searching for facilitators for your training it is necessary to find someone that knows how to hold the attention of the listener and boost participation. These facilitators know how to encourage active participation and create an impactful environment. Before you hire a facilitator, take a look at their pre-recorded virtual training.

Use a Platform with good support

There are so many platforms and services that can help you to provide your virtual training. Also, they make your training as fun as possible for your attendees. Ensure that the platform you choose offers good technical support. Furthermore, this platform is specifically designed to support virtual learning and teaching. You must provide your attendees to have a platform on which can share files securely.

Have virtual roundtable discussion

Encourage your attendees to take part in the discussion. Also, use tools to ensure that you are attendees are here and actively participate in your training. For example, you can host a virtual roundtable discussion.  This will give your participants a sense of purpose for their communication and dialogue with each other. After a successful virtual roundtable discussion, the audience will walk away inspired and with actionable strategies. If you choose to have a virtual roundtable discussion you need to find out the right and relevant topic.


Use a whiteboard

There’s a no better visual way to express your ideas than by using a whiteboard. A virtual whiteboard can help you with presenting and bring results online, as it does in person. This tool is fantastic because is easy for using. Also, with the whiteboard, you can encourage collaboration and analyze your discussion points.  Moreover, if you have a big virtual training you need to ensure not to create big chaos on your board and make board rules.

Create a poll

Creating a poll is a great way for gathering participant feedback. You can create polls to quiz participants’ knowledge and their understanding of a topic. Furthermore, all of your attendees get a chance to show their support for a comment or question by answering in the poll. For example, in a situation with limited time the most important questions to the group can be addressed.

Now it’s time to use these best practices in your virtual training!

It’s time to organize your virtual training. No worries, as long as the training is properly planned and you use most of our tips, you will provide a great experience for your participants.