A webinar is a great way to present your business or educate your audience through the presentation. If you want to organize an online event, but you have a short time, a webinar is the best option for you. So, the keyword of this type of event is a presentation. For webinars, it’s essential to create an excellent presentation, that will inspire your audience. But, let’s start from the beginning what is a webinar and how to create an excellent and amazing presentation?

What is the webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation, delivered through video conferencing software, where the host is presenting the idea of their topic. The fundamental of the webinars is that they are interactive. Also, interaction is the main difference between webinars and online videos. The participants can ask and discuss information in real-time. You can use webinars in all kinds of ways. So, let’s put it simply, a webinar is an online seminar.webinar, online event

How to create an excellent presentation?

Creating a presentation for your webinar is possible and looks easy, but it can drive you crazy. If you never run a webinar or you want some advice on how to create an excellent presentation, here is some advice from us to you.

Pick your topic

First of all, it’s very important to pick attention-grabbing content. The topic must be informative and target your audience if you want to have a powerful webinar. Also, create a topic that is interesting and give an opportunity to your audience to be interested in your webinar.

Create a plan for your presentation

Create a list of things that you want to demonstrate at your presentation. First of all start with an introduction of yourself and your company. Second, keep your focus on the main goals and all the important details about it. Finally, devise your QA session and give ideas about some interesting polls or fun quizzes.

Use more visuals

When you are making the presentation for your webinar keep in mind to use more visuals because that will keep your audience’s attention. Remember, the slides should add to your speech not distract the audience away from you.  So, use more visuals and less text.

Highlight the important things on the slides

Highlight all the important things, you think will be important for your audience. That will give them a sign to pay attention and listen to you. When everything is going online, highlighting retains the attention on the important elements of your presentation.

Have questions readyquestions, QA

Maybe you expect that attendees will ask plenty of questions. But, be ready in case the audience to not engage as expected and have a list of questions for them about your topic. Make the questions easy and short, so your audience can give fast answers. Encourage them to speak and open discussion if it’s possible.

Make interaction

To make your presentation interactive it’s important to incorporate some polls and fun quizzes. Also by using interactive software, you can receive answers from your audience instantly through the polls, charts, and clouds. Moreover, this type of interactive presentation software it’s very easy to use.

Have a plan B

Never assume that everything will go smoothly on the first run and always be ready for something to go wrong.  Several days before the event revise everything. Make plan B, about every little thing that can go wrong.