event management

In all areas of business, there are some terms you’re never truly sure you know the definition of. When it comes to event management, the definition is simple. At its core, event management is the process of planning an event. Event management is about pulling together an incredible experience and hard work. If you ever thought to go into event management, you need to learn how to be successful. Also, you need to know that event management is one of the most thrilling careers available. To start, it’s essential to know the 5 C’s of Event Management.

Planning the event through the 5C’s helps you to organize the amazing event. These additional tips are known as the 5 C’s, and they are as follows:

1. Concept

The first step for planning a successful event is the event concept. Think about what the event will be held for and define your goals.  This step might be most frustrating for some. So, when you have the right idea you need to create the framework. While you build your framework, you must find answers to these questions:  Who are you organizing the event for? Why are you organizing the event? What will the theme of the event be? Where the event will take place? When will the event take place? When you answer the above questions you will have the right reasons behind planning your event.

2. Coordination

The next step once you’ve conceptualized your event is to coordinate it. When we talk about event coordination we talk about having a great ability of communication and teamwork. Event coordination is where you start to develop your event management plans further.  Coordinations have so many parts, starting from contact with suppliers to organizing the budgeting.   You need to build a timeline and schedule of your activities. Also, you must properly delegate tasks to your team members. When you start with your coordination plan, remember that you always need to be flexible and be ready for changes.  Flexibility is a crucial element we talk about event management. It will allow you for example to find the right venue or negotiate with the suppliers.

3. Control

Event control is all about managing and maintaining the planning stage. Everything that you coordinate now is time to put it in motion. Controlling might be very stressful because you want to make sure that every performances and resource are on track. You will need to control every segment of your event, for example, are the speakers on time, or does something is missing. If you want to be good at controlling, you need to have plan B for every activity at your event. When you consider all the worst scenarios, you will always have solutions for the problems.


Now is time to speak about the ‘D-Day’. This is the day when everything is settled and organized. You must be ready to send all your team members to the right place and give them the right task. Also, you must check if speakers have all equipment that they need. At this time, you need to always be alert at all times during the event. Remember, this is when the majority of event workers are feeling most stressed.


In the end,  there is no more planning, now is time to start looking at how successful your event was. This is one of the most interesting parts. You will need to evaluate and report the outcome of the event.  This means you need to evaluate the event budgets and payments, like food, transportation, and all advertising. This is the right time to learn how to organize a good event. Also, you must look at your mistakes and learn from them. Evaluation it’s a very important process because it offers up important data and number which will help you for your other events. Don’t forget to give feedback to your team.

Now you have a clear view of the 5 C’s of event management. You are ready to organize your next great event. As long as you organize your event and follow the above 5 rules, you are on the right way to reach a great time on your event